The Harbertson-Adams Assay was chosen as the as the primary, or laboratory method for this work as it provides a demonstrably robust method for determining phenolic classes in wines.  It is currently a standard laboratory analysis at the University of California, Davis and is used in the US industry as well. 

The Harbertson-Adams assay is able to quantify multiple classes of phenolic compounds that are considered important components of wine:  anthocyanins, tannins, pigmented polymers, and non-tannin iron-reactive phenols.

More information about the development of the Harbertson-Adams Assay for determining phenolic compounds in wine and grapes can be found at the UC Davis homepage of Dr. Douglas Adams.

Adams Assay for Wine Phenolics (PDF Document - 80kb)

Skogerson-Boulton Model_Assay Input_v.1.3.xls (1.6mb)